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Polarity: Opposite Zodiac Signs These are the four elements of matter and the three modes of spirit. Just as the planets represent different forces, so the zodiacal constellations are like a filter that colour those energies in a certain way. Lets take Aries for example. This is the first sign of the zodiac.

It is to do with the season of spring and rebirth after the dormant winter. New life is to be seen everywhere, there is hope after the Winter.

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Aries is essentially about new beginnings about vibrant free flowing energy, indeed it is the first of the fire signs. As the first sign of the zodiac, it is very much to do with innocence and childhood and a slight naievity. It is the begining of an adventure. If we look at say Cancer, however, this is a different sign altogether. This is a water sign to do with family, the past, and nurturing and it expresses itself through feelings.

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This word is used to describe the relationship between two opposite signs of the Zodiac. Opposites attract, and the polar signs have a natural affinity based on the potential to balance each other out. In her highly-prized book Practical Astrology, April Elliot Kent writes on House. In astrology, a negative, receptive, dispassive, yin, nocturnal or feminine sign refers to any of They may be likened to polarities in electrical charge: some charges are positive and some are negative. Neither side is "good" nor Earth signs are sensual, meaning they engage with life through the five senses. It takes time to.

Now if we take the planet Mars. If we find it in Aries the flow of energy would be dynamic and uninhibited say for example like an army commander or an athlete or a person with a temper.

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If we find Mars, however in Cancer, the energy would be more inhibited and would say only surface if a friend or family member was threatened or the energy could manifest in an emotional outburst. The ten planets taken together can therefore lie in a vast variety of different zodiac combinations. Given this and taking the link between the planetary positions and peoples characters, one can see one of the main reasons why there would be so many different personalities around.

Astrology does not believe personalities are formed solely with the growing process, it believes the fundamental makeup of a person is already there at birth just waiting to be expressed. Traditionally the world of matter was thought to only contain four basic elements; fire, air, earth and water.

Everything was deemed to be made up of one of these elements. Man would look at nature and see the different elements. He would look up at the sky and see the Sun or witness a forest burning, from this he discerned the element of fire. He would feel the wind on his face and understand the element of air. He would look at a lake or a river or at the rain and see the element of water. He would feel all the physical things such as the trees and soil and plants and would see in them the element of earth. He knew instinctively he needed all these elements to survive. Astrology says that also on another level, a psychological level, we have all these elements inside each of us, and that they make up our individual nature.

We can get a hint of this with the words we commonly use to describe people; "She's a fiery girl" , "He's a bit wet' , "She's a very grounded woman", "He's a bit of an air head". Astrologically, each of the twelve signs corresponds to one of the four elements.

There are therefore three of each element type as described below. A fire sign will give a fiery nature to it's recipient. They will be inspired, have lots of energy and generally there will be a warmth and a passion and a zest for life about them. They will want to get on and do things. They may be quick to lose their temper. The nature of people born under these signs will be more focused on the practicalities of manifesting things in the physical world. They will relate to what they can see and touch. They will be more likely to have their feet on the ground and to live in the present moment.

An air sign will endow it's recipient with a nature focused on the level of the mind and intellect. To them ideas are important, concepts and logical reasoning. They will be the architects and designers who can conceptualize ideas before they are manifest. Air is the element we use when we speak in order to communicate with each other. A water sign will endow their recipients with an emotional nature. These people will relate to others on the level of feeling. They will be more instinctive than rational. Their nature will be more feminine in it's expression. Water is shown when we cry and express emotions.

A balanced number of planets in all four elements in a natal chart or horoscope, favours the expression of the element in which the Sun is placed. If there is a preponderance of elements that are not in harmony with the sun sign, it can powerfully effect how the Sun is expressed especially if Mars or the Moon are placed in a dominant element. As well as the four elements of matter, there are three zodiac sign modes these elements can express themselves in.

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Every event has a beginning, a middle and an ending. With the beginning there is lots of movement as an idea comes into being. In astrology this is known as the cardinal mode. We can see this in a business being formed cardinal , being at it's height over a number of years fixed , to having to transform or end as the business is no longer required mutable.

We can also see this in the seasons. They each have an onset , a height and a fading away. Have you ever met someone brimming with new ideas?

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This is an attribute of a cardinal sign. A natal chart or horoscope with four or more planets in cardinal signs indicates a strong will. This can override the Sun's element in a more receptive sun sign. Ideally Uranus helps Saturn to restructure new and innovative improvements whilst Saturn helps Uranus to keep what is good and of worth, crystallising and building on Uranian change and improvement.

Saturn lives in the realm of reality and that which is solid and tangible. Neptune can give Saturn a dream to work for and Saturn can give Neptune the tools to make that dream come true. Once again Saturn finds his gift for keeping the old order, fear of change and maintaining the status quo, challenged. Pluto must learn to use life changing experiences wisely and not continually create drama for the sake of it. Both planets are concerned with the intellect but Mercury is restless and curious, always gathering data. Uranus breaks the boundaries of our perceived understanding and reasoning with out of the blue concepts.

Ultimately with a view to reform. Venus is the physical realm of sensuality, indulgence, romance and the appreciation of physical beauty. Neptune is idealistic, seeking perfection in an elevated, impersonal love that is spiritual and universal. If Mars represents the raw, primal drive to fight and the spur to defend ourselves then Pluto is the power to be reborn either physically or psychologically, to survive. Everything lives dies and is reborn or recycled and so Pluto's higher expression elevates Mars' attachment to physical desire.

Pluto seeks metamorphosis, transforming human suffering by understanding the process of life, death and reincarnation. Each hemisphere is further divided into quarters — each diametrical quadrant has its opposite principles. Comparing things that are opposite to each other seems to give a deeper understanding of both. Many branches of science are embracing new theories on how the universe works, such as cosmology and quantum physics.

The very basis of understanding these enormously complex subjects is often examining how energy and molecules behave. One can often see the polar principle in the interplay between powerful forces such as positive and negative charges on protons and neutrons which, seems to be intrinsic to how life first started. Ergo… perhaps equilibrium equates to stagnation, which at best may result in lack of growth or evolution. Or, perhaps equilibrium is a necessary homoeostasis from which the cycle of life can begin and evolve. Everything is born, procreates and dies, has a beginning, a middle and an end.

This is true whether it is the soul development of a human being or the birth of a universe. The whole numbers 1, 2 and 3 are synonymous with creation at many levels and are reflected in the aspects used in astrology. In every culture we see this reconciliation of opposites. Each thread of astrological principle intricately weaves to create a beautiful tapestry illustrating the whole but I find polarity is certainly one of the most illuminating ones. I think the following quote from Carl Jung encapsulates how we might best utilise the gifts to be gleaned from understanding how to reconcile the opposites.

On the level of the Son there is no answer to the question of good and evil; there is only an incurable separation of the opposites. It seems to me to be the Holy Spirit's task and charge to reconcile and reunite the opposites in the human individual through a special development of the human soul. First published in: www. Carole was invited on to the committee as Librarian and is now secretary.

She also enjoys writing a little poetry and photography. Contact Carol at: carolebone hotmail. IAM is for professionals astrologers, students of astrology and for all astrology lovers.

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Conjunction planets that are about degrees of one another : a getting together. Finding the core meanings 7. In this case, King Solomon, who symbol- izes the born-a-king sign of Leo, inherited the kingdom from his father and ruled peaceably with his harem of a thousand wives. Elements Qualities Polarities. Thank you for reading! Creativity can be an excellent release for pent-up emotional energy. But the division by two can enlighten much more than astrological tenet alone.

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