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Gemini Monthly Horoscope Dynamic and full of contagious energy, those born under this zodiac sign are usually the ones who take the lead — quick to volunteer for adventure and preferring the road less traveled to previously charted territory.

Birth Sign Flower: Match the Aries enthusiasm and zeal with flowers the color of passion romantic or otherwise — like an anything-but-demure red tulip flower bouquet. Zodiac Sign: Even though they're best known for being as headstrong and fierce as a bull — their zodiac sign's symbol — there's an indisputable warmhearted, romantic and sensuous side to the Taurus personality as well.

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And, while this earth sign's also known for its well-grounded, practical sensibilities, they harbor an equally strong love for beautiful things, pleasure and comfort that enjoys being indulged. Birth Sign Flower: Cater to the Taurus's appreciation for nature's exquisite beauty with flowers that appeal to their full range of senses — like a flower bouquet showcasing majestic lilies.

Their rich symbolism will appeal to the Taurus's respect for history, and the lily's dramatic form and fragrant perfume will indulge their romantic, sensual side. Zodiac Sign: Easily adaptable and versatile — with a lively sometimes bordering on the mischievous imagination — Geminis are one of the most creative of all the zodiac signs. Their expressive downright talkative , clever qualities make them fun-loving friends and treasured companions.

Birth Sign Flower: Surprise a Gemini with a flower bouquet filled with roses — a flower that symbolizes the essence of their zodiac sign: love and companionship. Some say that the Cancer's personality can be boiled down to one word: sensitivity — and along with this comes a patient, sociable and loving disposition.

Birth Sign Flower: Let these generous spirits know how much you appreciate their compassion and thoughtfulness with a flower arrangement filled with delphinium — aptly named for their dolphin-shaped flowers an appropriate match for this water sign. Zodiac Sign: The most dominant, spontaneously creative and extroverted of all the zodiac signs, Leos are also warmhearted, generous and loving. Strong, honorable, self-confident and dignified, those who share this birth sign think and act big — loving the limelight stealing it, if they have to.

Zodiac Sign: With a penchant for detail, Virgos are often known for their meticulous and diligent personalities. Birth Sign Flower: Surprise this otherwise practical, intellectual and serious earth sign with a flower arrangement that provokes their more lighthearted side. Romantic and charming, those born under this air sign are naturally kind and gentle.

Birth Sign Flower: With their strong wooden stems and lacey, star-shaped pom-poms, hydrangeas personify the balance of opposites — a fitting choice for Libras. Zodiac Sign: Known as the most intense of the zodiac signs, Scorpios are both powerful and passionate. Their tenacity and willpower are immense, their conviction strong if not at times overwhelming , and yet Scorpios are also deeply sensitive and easily moved by their emotions.

In fact, Scorpios are said to be more likely to become geniuses than those born under any other zodiac sign. Birth Sign Flower: Indulge the sensual and passionate Scorpio with a floral bouquet of lush red peonies. Zodiac Sign: The centaur — the horse-and-man symbol for the Sagittarius zodiac sign — represents a combination of powerful intellect teamed with physical strength and energy. Some of you are likely to drive a good bargain in getting a product or service cheap. Doing your own thing at home is likely to give immense joy.

Those craving a break from routine may get a chance to enjoy a vacation.

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Someone who is better than you on the professional front can keep you on the back foot. Love Focus: Rekindling romance may become important, as cracks begin to appear in your relationship. Someone may give you tips regarding your health. You will need to be more prudent in your spending to keep the financial front stable.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

Your professional skills are set to get you handpicked for more challenging assignments. A hectic day is foreseen for those visiting out of town relatives or friends. Some anomalies in a recently purchased piece of land may prove disturbing. Balanced diet and active life will find you fit as a fiddle. Good investments promise to get you more for your money. Avoid being too ambitious and stop setting unrealistic salary expectations. Those learning to drive will be confident enough to drive solo. Some of you may well ask whether you are in the right profession, as you set your sights on greener pastures.

A change of scene may be required for improving health. Many more avenues for earning may open up for you on the financial front. You may become the initiator of a family gathering, just to boost your social image. Travel fatigue from a long journey may trouble you. There is a possibility of an ancestral property coming in your name by way of inheritance. You may choose an exercise regimen or may even join a health club to come back in shape. Those in export-import business are likely to bag a lucrative deal.

Your patience and tolerance will help defuse an ugly situation on the home front. Handsome returns can be expected from investments made previously. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Ministers, RSS urge govt to guard industry interests ahead of regional meet. Smaller cities take the lead in drive against plastic waste. Bigg Boss 13 day 9 updates: Shehnaaz says Paras broke her heart. Saif Ali Khan on Sacred Games 2, that cliffhanger ending.

These two symbols revolve around plants, and it is the famous location or purpose that makes them special in their natural glow. There is something that individuals born on this date feel the need to show, to share, as a statement to the world and the tradition they are to build inside it.

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Horoscope Today, November 24, Virgo, seldom have you experienced a period which is at once so decisive yet has the potential to be. Weekly Horoscope November 18 to November 24, Check out Over the weekend, Sun enters Sagittarius – your 8th House. Gemini.

This is a story of the impact of Nature on all things and our ability to incorporate it in our everyday routine and activities instead of waiting for special moments in time. There is a dose of superstition behind these symbols too, one that needs to be contained so that true faith in their heart can be found. The purpose in lives of those born on May 24th is to find love and relax their chest, balancing their heart chakra and finding peace and harmony in touch with other people.

How The Full Moon In Gemini Affects Each Zodiac Sign From November 22-25, 2018

They are to feel gratitude, open up for the world of emotions, and embrace every feeling that comes their way instead of overly rationalizing everything. Their goal hides in the emotional world, the home they wish to create, and the intimacy they are able to build with another human being. Laws of attraction are their best friend and once they learn this and build positive beliefs into the way they perceive reality, they will see satisfying things coming their way. Emotional world of people born on May 24th can be problematic, especially if they employ their rational mind too often, forgetting how deep they can feel things in life.

Their goals are predetermined in a way, and they are to find the direction that suits their hearts best, so they can build the endurance they need to stay in a committed bond.

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Their relationships are intimate, close, but at the same time disturbing, pressuring, and messing with their need for freedom. If not, they can be distant and cold for many years, waiting for someone in the outer world to come and break down the walls they built themselves. A lot of circumstantial obstacles might get in their way, and they will need seriousness and depth recognized in their partner so they can be overcome.

Carefree Gemini nature might not be in sync with things they expect and try to hold on to. The confusion will wear off as soon as they set free from fear holding them back and family patterns in repetition triggered by childhood memories and bruises. Gemini representatives born on May 24th may have an incredible talent for history, mathematics, research of family trees, patterns and work with those whose heart is broken.