January 23 2020 venus transit astrology

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At the end of April, Saturn, planet of equanimity and focus, turns retrograde on April 29 until September 18, This is a time to gather inner strength, be more self-responsible and disciplined, and let go of any self-defeating behavior. Saturn retrograde can bring up issues of self-doubt or limitation to be healed and transformed.

Spend time in nature, and take time for silence and solitude. Immersion Hr Adv. Vedic Astrology for April Posted on April 9, by admin. No comments.

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In April our focus turns to moksha or self-realization, as Saturn and Ketu, both planets of detachment, travel closely together in Sagittarius. This brings a minimalistic approach to life. Feisty Mars also aspects Saturn and Ketu, adding some friction. Jupiter, planet of spirituality and prosperity, spends the entire month of April in the gandanta degrees between Scorpio and Sagittarius, generating lessons in finance and defining our true values.

Both Jupiter and Saturn turn retrograde this month, while the Sun and Venus transit their exalted signs. We are challenged to keep an open heart and stay balanced, despite any outer chaos we sense in the world.

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The eclipse paths of Rahu and Ketu. They will remain in these signs until September 21, Ketu, the south node of the Moon, now travels with Saturn in Sagittarius the rest of this year until January 23, , indicating this combination is a major influence in Saturn and Ketu teach us detachment and letting go, with the emphasis on spiritual growth. We are asked to reconnect more consciously and deeply to our spiritual center. This combination of Saturn and Ketu may motivate us to downsize materially, letting go of excess or the superficial.

2020 Planetary Retrograde

We reevaluate what constitutes a good life and uncover what brings us real happiness. We feel more unsettled if we are out of integrity, as Saturn requires honesty. Finding ways to create outer success without sacrificing your inner peace is a priority this year. Deeper commitment to your sadhana or personal practice is also suggested. From April 21 to May 1, we experience the first of three exact conjunctions of Saturn and Ketu this year, which occurs at 26 degrees Sagittarius. We may feel unexplained pressures or uncertainty.

On May 1, all three planets Saturn, Ketu, and Mars are either at 26 degrees Sagittarius or aspecting that degree. These are challenging aspects, so be more observant the last half of April and through the first week of May. Be patient and mindful, and learn to respond to life more positively, rather than over-react out of fear. Jupiter transits its own sign of Sagittarius briefly at 0 degrees, from March 29 through April Sun conjunct Lilith.

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