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Housing Horoscope: Is Your Dream Home Written in the Stars? You smiled as you felt a hand softly caress up your exposed back, the feeling sending goosebumps up your spine. When you had surprised Logan at his company party that evening, you were shocked at how excited he had been to see you. Sure you had been talking to him for more than a year now, you both teasing at the fact that you liked each other, but Logan could never commit to getting to serious with you.

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Every time you had bought it up he immediately withdrew to himself, avoiding you for days after. That night, however, he had proudly boasted you on his arm, bragging of your accomplishments in the archaeological field to his colleagues. He showed you off and, after many drinks, had convinced you to stay at his downtown loft for the evening. You kept your eyes closed as his breath tickled your face, not sure if you were ready to face him.

You closed your eyes again, trying to ignore him as he nuzzled you for attention. You and I sleeping together. You and I being more than friends. You were surprised to hear him admit this — it was always a theory you had rolled around in your head. You never thought it would be true.

He stops kissing you for a second, locking eyes with you as you tenderly pushing a strand of hair from his brow. You knew instinctively that he was referencing his father and you forced him to look back at you.

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The photo shoot starts out innocently enough, in the downtown loft Muse A rents for work purposes. Muse A takes several stunning shots of Muse B who confesses to having zero experience nor ambition toward modeling as times passes. Muse A confused, but also intrigued when Muse B begins to disrobe, insisting that it might be fun if Muse A took risque photos of them. Shortly after their session concludes, Muse A and Muse B having fooled around, Muse B unexpectedly resurfaces at a fashion event that Muse A is attending.

The night that I got jumped by three homophobes was the worst night of my life. One minute I was in the bar having drinks with my homegirls and the next I was on the cold pavement getting kicked in the head. My biggest fear—since coming out—was one day getting gay bashed for who I am. The three guys who jumped me outside of that bar had spent that entire evening hitting on my female friends. When their comments got offensive and disgusting, I got security involved and all three of them were thrown out. About an hour later, I decided to leave before my friends because I had some studying to do for a class.

The moment I stepped out of the bar, they attacked me. Me Damien.

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All three were frat brothers and lived off-campus in one of the fraternity houses. They were treated like kings and queens by the entire black campus population and even by most white students.

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I lied to the police and my friends by saying my attack was a random gay bashing. For two days, I accepted that what happened to me was horrible but I just had to move on. And then came the third day when I met Semaj. Revenge is the most important thing to you at this point. You know it and I know it. He quickly snatched my shades off, revealing my battered face. They have to pay, Damien. You know them. All of them Kappa motherfuckers. Hearing him say those three names caused me to feel a sharp pain in my stomach. Somehow, I felt it. I think you may want to skip your next class, Damien.

I skipped my next class for the day and rode with Semaj to his loft downtown. When we got to his place, he locked the door and then began taking some things out of a cabinet and sat them down on his wooden coffee table. He made me sit down beside him as he lit a few candles. When his eyes began to roll back and his skin turned slightly pale, I jumped back. Without saying anything else, he stood up and turned towards me. His eyes were still rolled back and his skin had turned so pale that he looked white!

He raised his hand and then dumped the white powder on me. When I tried to dust it off, nothing was there. Thinking that this boy was crazy, I turned and made a dash for the door.

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He was already out front on the steps when I made it outside. I left you inside just now!

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My bruises were all gone. Did I just not chant a healing spell and throw magic powder on you to take away those bruises? They are dangerous. Can you make them do that? All I can do is get revenge for you. But I do have one up my sleeve for the motherfuckers that attacked you. Whatever you want to do, we can do it but we still must summon Pyamus. The sleek frame is dressed in a warm gold finish an …. Handwoven by skilled weavers in Bhadohi, India, faded red wool rug evokes ancient marketplaces and rich tradition.

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How …. Featuring a beautiful …. An homage to vintage Peruvian rug makers, our handwoven wool flatweave stripes an earthy palette into a graphic masterpiece underfoot. Woven on a tradit …. Woven on a traditional loom, all cotton white base sets grey ombre rug in motion. Dust-colored dyed yarn is handloomed on top then sheared down until t …. Shop Furnishings Decor.

Home Decor. Window Treatments. Candle Holders. Home Fragrance. Throw Pillows. Throw Blankets. Wall Decor. Decorative Accents.

Home Office Decor. Refine By. See at RugsUSA. See at Wayfair. See at CB2. Rich red, brown and ivory form a striking pattern …. See at Totally Furniture. Woven in Morocco from natural cactus silk and cott …. Take advantage of the stylish mix of angles and cl …. See at Sam's Club. Beautifully crafted Flokati rugs are made in the s …. If you get involved in relationship issues that are none of your business you will open yourself up to attack and find it increasingly hard to defend yourself.

Refuse to settle for second best and make sure everyone knows that no one is going to get rich at your expense. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is about to move in your favour again, so forget about recent failures and think only of all the successes you are going to enjoy in the very near future. Something you did for a friend or family member, or maybe even a stranger, at some point in the past will come back to you in the shape of personal good fortune this week.

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Causes always have consequences. What happens in the present has its roots in the past. The important thing is they meant well — and will try to make it up to you in the future. Avoid trivial things and trivial people over the next few days. Cosmic activity in the area of your chart that governs the way you look at the world means you need to focus on the bigger picture now.

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