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The Internet Is In Love With These Zodiac Memes & So Are We

Forget Republicans and Democrats. The Zodiac Party is the greatest political party on earth. Read on to see how each zodiac sign would perform as president.

Where did the Astrology and the Zodiac signs come from anyway?

Enjoy a laugh with some real-life examples of notable people. President Aries will fight like Braveheart to protect our country, whether we like it or not. For President Taurus, only the best will do for our beloved country. President Gemini is a bit unstable—in a good way!

President Franklin D. President Cancer wishes he were still being breastfed — those were the good old days. President John F. Leo is king, not president.

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He wants worshipers, not coworkers. He may be a little bent on world domination. He does a great press conference. Boy, can he put on a show!

25 Relatable Astrology Memes We Can't Stop Laughing About

Are there any down sides to this friendship? Well, it can be challenging to get a word in edgewise when this friend is holding forth about their favorite subject. Still, neither one of you can stay mad for long and will be back to your old tricks seconds after squabbling. Looking for more friendship insight? Having lunch with Cancer is one of your pastimes. Nobody puts on a better spread, or knows of finer restaurants.

A deep fondness for each other inevitably develops between all the gabbing and noshing. Of all your friends, you probably have the most affection for Leo. The two of make a game of everything, laughing and chattering as you go. In fact, outsiders may always tell you to quiet down or shut up. The two of you are extremely active and enjoy sports that burn lots of energy. You also love to entertain and could make a habit of throwing rollicking parties together. The two of you have keen intellects and enjoy discussing books, politics, and current events.

Virgo takes everything to heart, which can be a source of strain in your friendship. Be very careful about making offhanded jokes to the Virgin, for your friend can take such remarks very personally. For the most part, though, you can enjoy a fulfilling friendship.

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Activities like hiking appeal to you both, since Virgo loves the outdoors and you like exploring. If you still have questions about your specific friendship situation, the Tarot can help. This is a friendship founded on fun. Aries: very protective, can get jealous, lots of touching, seems shy but actually very aggressive, tries to wrestle you but ends up making out, jaw and neck kisses, wraps their arm around your waist all the time. Gemini: knows how to turn you on, likes to leave hickies, gives you annoyingly cute nicknames, rests their head on your shoulder, likes ruffling your hair, likes to take control, likes spooning.

Cancer: seeks approval, good at making out, cares about you a lot, big hearted, likes just being in your presence, tries to seduce you but ends up giggling, wants to cuddle all the time.

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Libra: very charming, knows how to make your knees weak, tells you how hot you are everyday, likes corny romantic dates, makes you watch chick flicks, happy with a simplistic relationship. Scorpio: steals your clothes, breathes in your scent, seduces you easily, likes sitting on your lap, gets to know you deeply, has lots of inside jokes with you, traces all your curves and admires your entire body.

Sagittarius: super chill, wants to try new things with you, likes to let you take control sometimes, loves being wrapped up in you, admires your butt a lot, likes watching sunsets with you. Capricorn: lots of witty banter, will challenge you to think, likes watching movies with you, will lie in bed with you all day, out of the blue acts of love, teaches you new things. Aquarius: innocent and carefree, will beat you in your favorite video game, makes dirty jokes, will just stare at your face in love, dresses up for you, tells others how much they love you,.

Pisces: makes you little gifts, lip bites, sends you cheesy texts, lots of light kisses on the hand, cheek, forehead, tells you how awesome you are, tells you all her dreams and ambitions.

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The realization that the sun will one day implode on itself and destroy the rest of the universe with it: Scorpio. Your rising, or ascendant, sign represents identity, the first impression you make on others, and your outer personality. Generally speaking, the compatibility of signs with one another is influenced by the elements of nature: fire, earth, air, and water. If you really want an accurate reading of your birth chart, you should know your birthplace and time of birth.

According to Marchesella, everyone has some degree of all 12 signs, all the planets, and all the 12 houses of the horoscope in operation. In Japan, people treat blood types like horoscopes and believe that personality types are tied to blood type. Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian mathematician whose research lead to the invention of the combination lock, was imprisoned in for casting the horoscope of Jesus Christ. The most common astrological sign in the U. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

Show more notes. Aries: You play all the time, and you play to win. You are a cheerful and a happy person but god help the ones who do you wrong or the ones you love. You know how to party and you know how to have fun. You always give great compliments. You have a great body and great physical looks. Your smile is sexy and your laughter is even sexier.

Taurus: You have an impeccable taste for literally everything, you are the biggest hedonist out there and you simply know how to live. And you love life itself which comes in many forms. You have a cheerful spirit, intriguing mentality and even a greater heart. You are capable of putting up with so much shit and staying sane, haters can just stay jealous. You have the power to crack the earth in two when you witness negativity and you will.

Gemini: Your intelligence, style and communication skills know no borders. You are always the funny one, and even while some people might think that you're a drama queen or a double-faced attention whore, you just know that it isn't true. And you don't fight them but you let them learn it themselves that you're not a double-faced backstabber who hurts people for fun.

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You just love supporting people and making their lives better. Cancer: You are literally one of the sweetest experiences one could ever have. You can teach people a lot, and you can stay strong through a lot of shit in your life. You are pure, innocent, loving and caring. You give the best hugs out there and you know how to satisfy people.

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You are full of positivity and you always put people's needs before yours. You can stand up and keep an insanely happy face even you're being torn apart inside. You are strong and you are one of the most sensitive people out there, which makes you really strong. Leo: You have this cheerful spirit and you radiate with alluring energy. People might accuse you of wanting to be the center of attention but you deserve to be the center of attention because you are special and you know what you're capable of.

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You just want to assure people that you're a person who's capable of many things and you can lead yourself and people to greatness. You are a natural born supporter and you simply know how to make people's lives better.