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Iron also has magnetic properties well used by science. Those born on November 17 have a great attitude towards analyzing and imposing reforms.

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Get here the full astrology profile of someone born under November 17 zodiac which contains Scorpio sign details, love compatibility. Here you can read the full astrology profile of someone born under June 17 zodiac with its Gemini sign details, love compatibility & personality.

They criticize, show the weaknesses in anything than take the corresponding measures. When it comes to family and love life they are often measured and cautious but once they feel on the safe ground, they seem to unleash a lot of passion. When it comes to the financial aspects of life, they tend to put their incisive minds at work and they rarely not achieve the level of wealth they aim for.

In health, they seem to be more emotional than capable of understanding how they feel so they might exaggerate certain ailments. What do you believe is the best thing people belonging to November 17 were offered by mother nature? You can answer this poll and see what others think:. This decan is strongly influenced by the Moon. This is representative for people who are determined and mysterious just like Scorpio and emotional and changing just like the Moon. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Scorpio zodiac sign, slightly enhancing the negative ones.

Being born on the 17th day of the month means an individual who is hard working, methodical, rational and dependable. The numerology for November 17 is 8. This number reveals ambition and great power but also an embrace of the spiritual side, later in life. Those Scorpio associated with number eight pragmatic and analytical doers in all life matters.

November is the last autumn month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing a quick fall down of temperatures everywhere. Those born in November are brilliant and determined. November 17 Zodiac people are generous and brave. The symbols for November include the Citrine and Topaz as gemstones and Chrysanthemum as a plant. In the Gregorian Calendar, November 17 is the st day of the year or the nd day in leap years, while until the end of the year there are 44 days left.

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Scorpio is the first zodiac sign in order from most common to least commonly met. An even number sign, this exudes feminine symbolism and is considered to be of negative polarity and sensual energy. This is highly representative for introvert natives who are meditative and moderated. Amongst the archetypes used to describe this sign there is the Guardian. Scorpio natives are said to be amongst the high achievers in academics.

Author: Denise. Lucky numbers: 6, 9, 12, 15, Motto: "I desire! Love and Compatibility for November 17 Zodiac. Lucky color. Deep red is the color said to be representative for Scorpio people born with November Other colors representative for Scorpio are purple, scarlet and carmine. Representative birthstone. Characteristic flower. The flower for Scorpio natives born with the November 17 is Chrysanthemum. Other plants indicated for Scorpio are Poppies and Lavender. People in respectable positions tend to want to see you succeed as they are intuitively aware of your dedication to all that you undertake.

Leadership comes naturally to you and you understand just what needs to be done to further your goals. Mentally you are realistic, thoughtful, and demanding. You do not take well to others telling you how to do something as you prefer to think through it yourself thoroughly, analyse it, and come to your own conclusions as to what needs doing and how. Others are drawn to your charming personality and sexual magnetism.

Doing the same thing day in and day out is not for you, instead you are always ready for the next exciting adventure to begin and are enthused when someone is able to surprise you! Self-sufficient, you require much room to breathe in any partnership. Your views on relationships are anything but conventional, and you are open to alternative arrangements. For friendship, you usually seek out those that are different in some way; eccentricity only adds to the appeal.

People walk in and out of your life spontaneously and are usually presented to you as a way to test your belief system and willingness to adapt. These people, as well as your friends, come around to satisfy inner necessities and will leave when they are of no more use. You have a fantastic way of looking outside the box and arriving at genius ways to solve challenges.

Most of the time, whatever happens in your life is seemingly random and unexpected. You are unable to plan for these things, the only thing you can do is allow them to happen and act upon the present situation. This is especially the case in regards to your romantic endeavours. There will always seem to be something exhilarating, uncommon, and random occurring in your life that will aid you in gaining wisdom and growing spiritually. Competing with others is enjoyable for you and you tend to win using your confidence and intuition. Your strong will has allowed you to learn self-discipline, creating a force that permits you to rise to truly powerful positions.

Your physical health is amazing as you heal easily and have endless amounts of energy. However, it is important that you are able to keep active physically or this immense energy of yours will turn destructive. Every effort is made on your part to achieve success in an honourable fashion. You are likely to be a good leader and have a talent for administrating.

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Hard-working, courageous, and assertive, you gain the admiration of others and will champion for them if they are being unjustly treated. This placement boosts your ego though may also create selfish behaviour and inability to discipline yourself. Your disposition can change quickly from one thing to another and you may feel as though you are an outsider. There is a difficulty in sticking to one project until completion, as you move rapidly between one task to another, unable to focus your energy.

Unreliable at best, others feel as though they cannot trust you to keep your word. You tend to act on impulses, trying to channel your inner tension and nervousness. You may be accident-prone due to your careless actions and lack of patience. Changes in your life happen often and suddenly; the unpredictability tries to teach you spiritual wisdom.

You may be interested in technology or mystical and astrological subjects, though are unable to stand by them for very long. Independence to live your life the way you please is of utmost importance to you and you strongly desire to venture out into new experiences and random adventures. There is something inside of you that urges you to challenge convention by behaving in eccentric, sometimes shocking ways.

You strive to alter whatever you come across, regardless of whether or not you actually have a superior plan. Others find you strange and you may feel as though you are an alien living among a different species. However, this does not seem to faze you, rather it inspires you further.

Try to pay attention to, and truly absorb, what other people are saying before you come to conclusions. Your mind is very active and you need constant new stimulation otherwise you lose interest quickly; challenges are always welcome as they keep your brain busy. Your intellect is well developed though you may wish to work on your emotional intelligence. Develop a way to monitor your urges, rather than acting thoughtlessly. You are able to find a perfect balance between independence and connecting with others. You are self-sufficient, doing just fine alone whenever needed.

Previous lives were used to master your emotional reactions and they are now harmonious. Good karma draws good fortune to you in all aspects: status, home-life, friendship, respect, healthiness, and monetary assets. Naturally capable and talented, you soar to the top either by gaining the respect and admiration of those in high places who will aid you on your journey, or you yourself find an area of expertise where you create your own success. Both the external and internal forces at work for you are blended harmoniously, making your life a bit easier than it could otherwise be. All of your challenges are aided by this aspect and despite the obstacles, you will find tranquillity.

They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. The sign of Scorpio is symbolised by both the scorpion, and the eagle. The scorpion signifies giving in to a lower, more animalistic nature where the focus is on satisfying inner desires without thinking of the penalties of doing so.

They have yet to achieve enlightenment and are forced to live their lives via instinct. Scorpions are clever and patient, waiting for the perfect moment to strike their opponent. Eagles, on the other hand, are able to soar above lowly enticements as they have conquered their cravings through regeneration. Scorpios are driven, effective, brave, capable, and instinctive learn about compatibility with Scorpio here.

In contrast, they are able to be envious, cynical, inflexible, vengeful, bitter, and possessive. Scorpios are always up for a challenge and can put forth immense focus and dedication when needed.

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They would do well in all fields requiring investigation, as they have an affinity for uncovering secrets. A Scorpio can usually achieve any goal they decide to undertake as they have incredible will-power and perseverance. Mentally they are reasonable, intuitive, aware, motivated, observant, strategic, investigative, and magnetic. They tend to have strong views and can be very stubborn about changing them. Scorpios tend to form social connections with ease and are exceptionally loyal to them.

However, they will make immense sacrifices for the people they care for. They are exceptionally protective of those they love, treating any perceived threats as if they were directed at the Scorpio themselves. Due to this extreme empathy and protectiveness, they may lash out at others through either words or physical actions. A Scorpio is instinctive on a gut level and may not always be able to control their reactions; this makes them seem illogical when criticised.

If they feel they are being threatened, they can use dark humour or become eerily quiet and uncommunicative, using either as a weapon. Their communication can become malicious, though they may insist they are only teasing.

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Just like the Scorpion, they can be very patient when waiting for the opportunity to get even with someone. It would be best for them to learn how to let go of past hurts instead. Due to the fact that they read others so easily, they will usually decide quickly what they think of someone, often to an extreme, and their opinions can be difficult to alter.

It is important for a Scorpio to develop adaptability as when they decide on a path to take, they find it tough to modify. Scorpios will not enjoy shallow subjects in general and prefer to delve into the depths of whatever situation they find themselves in. They crave intensity. Every action they take must mean something to them and they will want to be lost in their endeavours; they never do anything halfway. A Scorpio will not engage in an action that they cannot fully throw themselves into, they either put in everything they have, or nothing at all.

Every interest is investigated thoroughly, this extends to romantic interests. They need to understand every nook and cranny while revealing little about themselves. Though it may not be apparent, Scorpios are continuously dealing with extremely intense emotions and cravings internally. The immense emotional energy is the very reason they are able to persevere in trying circumstances. However, they may at times crush others while fighting their wars. Most will either see them as heroes or scoundrels.

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Scorpios believe they must be self-accountable and can be quite hard on themselves; administering their own justice which can be quite harsh. They are independent though may be insecure and they will not enjoy being the centre the attention nor will they search for praise. Their health is good in general, though they must be mindful not to overindulge in sensual pleasures, including rich cuisine. Romantically, Scorpios are faithful, loving, and express their affections readily.

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However, they may also be possessive and try to dominate their partner. They crave an all-encompassing love where they can be completely bonded to just one person. You prefer to filter your emotions through your mind and can come across as rather cool and emotionally reserved. Most people are unable to comprehend the way you handle your emotions and may come to believe that you are unfeeling. This placement bestows a stable emotional nature. You often feel secure when you are involved professionally with groups and engaging in team work.

You are innovative, unique, and advanced in your thinking; you utilise these traits to benefit humanity. Your relationships with your relatives may be less significant to you than the ties you hold with your friends as it is likely that you feel more bonded to those in your life that you have CHOSEN. You require free reign in your connections with people and will take a step back from the relationship when others become too involved. A partner that is envious, domineering, and clingy will only push you away. You may find yourself involved with many partners as you tend to be curious.

You have an aversion to the conservative and old-fashioned.

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You are naturally social and outgoing, advanced in your thinking, and self-sufficient. Your open-minded nature entices you to seek knowledge of all sorts. However, empathy and compassion is not a strong suit for you and you struggle to comprehend others on an emotional level. On occasion your inner tension will manifest as expressing unconventional or extreme viewpoints, only for their shock value. You may also be detached, unpredictable, unyielding, stiff, selfish, and defiant.

You possess an extraordinary ability to focus and may find yourself completely engrossed in your projects. With natural investigative skills, you enjoy having to decipher complex problems. The topic of sex or death may be a mental theme for you, as you are often preoccupied with carnal desires or physical fascinations of any sort. You are strongly intuitive and observant, and may need to acquire knowledge through your own practice rather than relying on traditional educational methods.

You may thrive working in the field of manual labour as you can do well with mechanics. Healing others is another avenue in which you may find success, especially with something involving your hands. You are capable, witty, insightful, clever, astute, and will often speak your mind bluntly and forcefully. Sarcasm and dark humour are right up your alley. You are exceptionally perceptive in comprehending the complexities of human nature and of any challenge presented to you, especially when you must plunge into hidden depths.

However, you are not without your faults and can be argumentative, contrary, inflexible, doubtful, sarcastic, suspicious, and wilful. Mystical subjects may appeal to you. In a romantic partner, you are most interested by someone who can increase your personal development in some way, especially your perception or awareness. You prefer your love interest to be out-going, adventurous, full-of-life, and open-minded as you would like to experience all that life has to offer with them, especially if these adventures involve travel. You enjoy immersing yourself in new cultural experiences that can broaden your horizons.

It is imperative that you are able to relate to your significant other on a mental or spiritual level and you like to convey your goals, wishes, and values to them. However, romanticism is not your style and your partner may find you a bit too laid-back or informal, which can instil doubt of your intentions towards them.

Nevertheless, you are still apt to be idealistic about romantic feelings. There is a tendency towards feeling that the grass is always greener somewhere else and this may keep you from staying with a partner for the long haul; it will be helpful for your partner to keep up the excitement that is felt in the early stages of a relationship or to be able to help you expand your mind, as these will hold your interest.

You are compassionate, caring, giving, and a positive thinker with an inclination towards religion which you choose to convey through humanitarian or philanthropic efforts, together with your loved one. You have an intense drive for respect, power, and success. Often taking the role of leader as you find it difficult to be controlled by others. Mars in Capricorn can create an individual who throws around their power, mercilessly trampling others to get ahead.

You are effective, diligent, coordinated, determined, reasonable, persistent, and willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. You direct your efforts towards tangible achievements. You work hard and have a great deal of patience; you are able to sacrifice present luxuries for future success. Dutiful and meticulous in your projects, you may need to be mindful of your tendency to over-work yourself.